Activate your GPS

Gifts, Purpose, Spirituality … Kitchen Table Wizdom “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” – Lao Tzu   Welcome to navigating life, as a journey of exploration and adventure. We are meant to be happy. Living is a gift of unfolding realities and revelations. We are entitled to experience more ups than the downs, more joy than pain, more success than … Continue reading Activate your GPS

…now that you are here

I dedicate these writings to the life experience of family. May these words convey offerings of love-wisdom, inspiration, self-discovery, reciprocating resilience and sweet surprises. Interpretations of life unfold as it shapes our conscioussness to reveal one’s true intentions. What is the goal of living? There is wizdom to guide us when we are in despair, stuck in confusion and isolation. Wizdom is Home… the place … Continue reading …now that you are here